The Dales Pony Society of America,  Inc.

"To preserve, promote and protect the Dales Pony"


"The Great All Rounder"

General: A strong, active pony, full of quality and spirit, yet gentle and kind.
Head: Neat and ponylike. Broad between the eyes, which should be bright and alert. Pony ears slightly incurving. Long foretop of  hair down the face.
Neck: Strong and of ample length. Stallions should display a bold outlook with a well-arched crest. Throat and jaws clean-cut. Long, flowing mane.
Shoulders: Well-laid, long, sloping shoulders with well-developed muscles.  Withers not too fine.
Body: Short coupled and deep through the chest with well sprung ribs.
Hindquarters: Hindquarters deep, lengthy and powerful. Second thighs well-developed and very muscular. Tail well set on, not too high, with plenty of long luxurious  hair reaching the ground.
Hocks: Broad, flat and clean. Well let down with plenty of dense, flat bone below.
Forearms: Set square. Short and very muscular with broad, well-developed knees.
Feet, Legs & Joints: The very best of feet and legs, with flexible joints, showing quality with no coarseness. The canons should display 8”-9” of flat flinty bone and well-defined tendons. Pasterns should be nicely sloping and of good length. Ample silky feathers;
Large, round feet, open at the heels with well-developed frogs.
Preferred Height: 14.00 hh - 14.2 hh
Colors: Black, brown, some grey and bay, a few roan.
White markings only as a star, snip and to fetlocks of hindlegs only.
Movement: Clean, straight and true. Going forward on “all fours” with tremendous energy. The knee is lifted and the hindlegs flexed well under the body for
powerful drive.
Character: True pony character. Alert. Courageous, intelligent and kind.