The Dales Pony Society of America,  Inc.

"To preserve, promote and protect the Dales Pony"


  The combination of good conformation with energy and ability makes the Dales pony excellent for riding, driving and draft. They are unbeatable at a walk, and have stamina and determination to keep going over long distances, making them favorites for trekking and long distance rides.  Being willing and very clever jumpers, they compete very successfully in Cross Country Trials and performance classes; These ponies  are very good at competition driving classes and also excel at Dressage.  Dales easily carry heavy adults, and are kind enough to carry children.
The Dales Pony has a bold but quiet temperament, great presence and courage.  Due to their calm, sensible nature they are usually very good in traffic, do not panic in awkward situations, and extremely sure-footed.

   All these qualities make the Dales Pony truly worthy of its credit as "The Great All Rounder".